Microsoft Lumia 735 - Glam up your selfie

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Glam up your selfie
Use the Lumia Selfie app to take cool selfies. Your photo is enhanced and ready to be shared

in a snap.
To download the Lumia Selfie app or check that you have the latest version, go to Lumia Selfie may not be available for all phone models.
1. Tap Lumia Selfie.

2. To take a selfie with the front camera, simply tap the screen. The front camera is not

supported by all phones. For availability, go to


3. To take a selfie with the main camera, tap to switch cameras, if needed. Look into the

camera lens, follow the beeps to line up the shot, and hold still as the camera takes your photo.

Tip: To avoid camera shake, tap

> timer, and select a delay.

4. To reframe the selfie, slide your fingers apart or together, and tap .

5. To enhance your selfie, tap .

6. To apply a filter to your selfie, tap .

Tip: To remove all enhancements and filters from the selfie, tap

> clear all


7. To save your selfie, tap .

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