Microsoft Lumia 735 - Control your Xbox One with your phone

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Control your Xbox One with your phone
Control your Xbox One console with your phone using the Xbox SmartGlass app.
If you don’t have the Xbox SmartGlass app in your phone, you can download it from
Make sure you are signed in with the same Microsoft or Xbox Live account both on your phone

and on your console. You can connect to the compatible Xbox One device using a Wi-Fi or a

mobile data connection.
Tap Xbox SmartGlass.
Connect to your Xbox One console
Tap , and select the console you want to connect to.

Tip: If you can’t find your console in the list, type in the console’s IP address, and tap

Connect. In your Xbox console settings, make sure you have allowed your console to

connect to any SmartGlass device.
Tip: If you want to watch TV, tap Cable/TV, so you can use your phone as the remote


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Play a game

Tap a game and Play on Xbox One, and use your phone as the controller.
Change your Xbox One SmartGlass settings

Tap . You can, for example, view your profile, find friends, see the summary of your gaming

achievements, and view messages from your gaming friends.
Search for games and apps

Tap .