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Call a contact
Calling your friends is quick and easy when you've saved them as contacts in your phone.
Tap .
1. Tap .

2. Tap the contact and the number, if the contact has several numbers.

Tip: Is your friend's voice too loud or quiet? Press the volume keys to change the volume.

Tip: Want to let others hear the conversation? Tap speaker.

Tip: If you have a dual SIM phone, you can select the SIM that’s used to call each contact.

Tap , swipe to contacts, and tap the contact’s name and

. Dual SIM is not

supported by all phones. For availability, go to


Call a phone number

Tap , type in the phone number, and tap call.
To type in the + character, used for international calls, tap and hold 0.
The + character only works from abroad. The + character may not work in all regions. In this

case, enter the international access code directly.
Search your call history

To search for a call record, swipe to history, tap , and type in the contact's name or phone

Remove a call record

To remove a call record, swipe to history, tap and hold the call record, and tap delete.
To remove all the call records, tap

> select calls >

> select all > .

Copy and paste a phone number

On the start screen, tap People, swipe to contacts, tap a contact, tap and hold the phone

number, tap copy, and in a text box, tap .

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