Microsoft Lumia 735 - Search for a contact

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Search for a contact
If you need to contact a friend quickly, you don’t have to scroll through all your contacts. You

can search or jump to a letter or character in the contacts list. You can also use a voice

command to call or send a message to a contact.
1. Tap People, and swipe to contacts.

2. Tap , and start writing a name. The list filters as you write.

Tip: Pin your most important contacts or contact groups to the start screen. Tap and

hold a contact, and tap pin to start.

Jump to a letter or character in your contacts list

Tap any letter in the contacts list on the left, and in the following menu, tap the first letter or

character for the name you want.
Use a voice command

In any view, press and hold , and say Call or Text and the contact's name. Not all languages

are supported.